Thursday, July 9, 2015

From LA to Tucson was supposed to be the first and easiest leg of the trip.  But things make you late when you try to leave a place.  Teheche freely admits he is high maintenance, but when he got out of the car and started dancing in place on the hot asphalt, new measures were taken.
Shade is rare in AZ, but if you know someone with signs around their property, you can find it.
Kiss that doggie dish goodbye.  Daddy left it at the gas station...

Then on to free lodging at my brother's outside of and relaxation with his amazing wife and the great work all over the property of Cascabal Clay Works.  And the views !

More in a bit ... as I got a chance to go see some rock formations and natural wonders ... while the dog stayed under the swamp cooler.
But it's all about getting to ATLANTA !!!  Lovely poster, huh!  Buy some tickets!

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