Friday, July 17, 2015

The Dog and Me are The Highland Inn Ballroom in Atlanta

Eleven years ago, I performed an earlier version of the Southern Gothic Novel at Whole World Theatre.  Tonight, I am back with a hundred or so performances under my belt, but add the icing of DOGGIE GETS TO GO, TOO!

Yes, my T will be up in the booth listening and being worshipped and adored by Julia.

Later I can tell ya all about the travelling, but since I travelled with just the pooch and he absolutely refuses to drive, I haven't gotten a lot of rest.  Savin' it for the show, so to speak.

Hope to see you tonight at The Highland Inn Ballroom in Atlanta, OR tomorrow night ... 8 and 10 pm.

Watch for Rattlesnakes

Thursday, July 9, 2015

From LA to Tucson was supposed to be the first and easiest leg of the trip.  But things make you late when you try to leave a place.  Teheche freely admits he is high maintenance, but when he got out of the car and started dancing in place on the hot asphalt, new measures were taken.
Shade is rare in AZ, but if you know someone with signs around their property, you can find it.
Kiss that doggie dish goodbye.  Daddy left it at the gas station...

Then on to free lodging at my brother's outside of and relaxation with his amazing wife and the great work all over the property of Cascabal Clay Works.  And the views !

More in a bit ... as I got a chance to go see some rock formations and natural wonders ... while the dog stayed under the swamp cooler.
But it's all about getting to ATLANTA !!!  Lovely poster, huh!  Buy some tickets!

Friday, July 3, 2015

Atlanta is officially BOOKED, The Highland Inn Ballroom

Thanks to some creatively wonderful movers and shakers of Atlanta, Georgia, Southern Gothic Novel: The Aberdeen, Mississippi Sex-Slave Incident will be playing the Highland Inn Ballroom and Lounge ("a unique venue at a boutique hotel") on July 17 & 18.  Some special events will be surrounding the shows.  Atlanta knows how to host, so at some point there'll be pie and/or fried chicken, but best of all and most Southern and gentile of all, there is a bar at the venue.  Hizzah!  For you drinkers.

On the traveling front itself, that means the pooch and I will be hitting the road in a few days will share our adventures as we go.  Aberdeen, Mississippi is a must-stop though an hour off the beaten track.

Another scoop we are hearing is possible Florida dates down near the tip in August.

Happy 4th and enjoy the hot dogs (be they tofu or intestinal tubes) and tell us all about it...we'll be packing!  Well, I'll be packing and T will be trying on costumes to take with him.  Ham!  

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Standing O at The Onyx in Las Vegas and Friends the next day

Thank you to my awesome host Mr. Stan Clawson.  In honor of the SC ruling, perhaps he thought it funny to take me here.  Great food and great company.

Who says you don't have to put out in this business?

Awesome show in VEGAS last night.  Big Tanx to The Onyx Theatre, the standing ovation crowd, and the notes and such that have followed.  One more night with these fine folks and Southern Gothic Novel....always trying to up my game from the previous night.

But alas, missing the pooch.  T stayed behind for this trip.  Too much next it's back to La-La to regroup and continue with The Heft of the trip...those long days with no shows to keep my brain alive.  The dog helps.  Save the dog some agony and book something.

On to get an oil change and then make up a whole world again.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A New Header...and a MAP!

The dates, so far, are above.  Just wanted to put this out there so you know there will be a man with a dog and that dog will want water and attention other than mine.  

A - Las Vegas, June 26 & 27, The Onyx Theatre
B - Los Angeles, CA
C - Wichita Falls, TX (research) to Durant, OK (a visit to the Alma Mater)
D - Aberdeen, MS (the setting for Southern Gothic Novel ... of course)
E - Atlanta, GA, July 14-Aug 2
F - New York, NY (the setting for Stabilized Not Controlled...of course)

Taking the route partially taken by the Traveler character in Pamela Parker's upcoming new play imagine this....  

I have to hit A-F but the rest is up for grabs.  For now, I gotta go learn my freakin' lines again.  I mean, the brain knows them but forgot how to make the mouth SAY them.  It ain't called "work" for nuthin'.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Let the Barnstorming Theatre Tour of 2015 Begin

My wonderful dog, Teheché and I will be crossing the U.S. of A from California to Georgia and halfway back.  Or maybe up to NYC first before getting there.  Yes, with a horrible economy, we don't plan anymore.  We wait for God to finish His guffawing; we grab the crumbs and go.  Or "when the touch get going."  

But hey, bookings began to happen.  So now, it's a barnstorming tour of theatrical smallness with big laughs, on-the-road updates, an amazing dog by my side, and hopefully what money I save in rent pays for the gas!   An entire career in the corporate world, I am falling back on my art.   They say entertainment sells well in a recession...whatever. I don't want to get political.  I will create characters to annoy with that stuff.  

Now it's prep and pack and think about how awesome it will be to have the best travel buddy I could possibly ask for.  He actually LIKES my singing.

I was having to comfort Teheché as he is trying to get through the separation with his hot, blonde girlfriend who taunted him with a Tony Basil haircut with sexy shaved parts and matching purple bandana.  She wants him to miss her.  When I walked in on them, she was doing her poses from the old Sadie Hart days (stage name...none of your business for what). 
We are going to have to leave most of the toys, it's just not fair to the one left behind.  But I will miss the little tramp, too, this Sadie of all hearts.  But really, who doesn't have a blonde floozy back in their last port of call.  T is such a dog.