Monday, June 22, 2015

Let the Barnstorming Theatre Tour of 2015 Begin

My wonderful dog, Teheché and I will be crossing the U.S. of A from California to Georgia and halfway back.  Or maybe up to NYC first before getting there.  Yes, with a horrible economy, we don't plan anymore.  We wait for God to finish His guffawing; we grab the crumbs and go.  Or "when the touch get going."  

But hey, bookings began to happen.  So now, it's a barnstorming tour of theatrical smallness with big laughs, on-the-road updates, an amazing dog by my side, and hopefully what money I save in rent pays for the gas!   An entire career in the corporate world, I am falling back on my art.   They say entertainment sells well in a recession...whatever. I don't want to get political.  I will create characters to annoy with that stuff.  

Now it's prep and pack and think about how awesome it will be to have the best travel buddy I could possibly ask for.  He actually LIKES my singing.

I was having to comfort Teheché as he is trying to get through the separation with his hot, blonde girlfriend who taunted him with a Tony Basil haircut with sexy shaved parts and matching purple bandana.  She wants him to miss her.  When I walked in on them, she was doing her poses from the old Sadie Hart days (stage name...none of your business for what). 
We are going to have to leave most of the toys, it's just not fair to the one left behind.  But I will miss the little tramp, too, this Sadie of all hearts.  But really, who doesn't have a blonde floozy back in their last port of call.  T is such a dog.   

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