Saturday, June 27, 2015

Standing O at The Onyx in Las Vegas and Friends the next day

Thank you to my awesome host Mr. Stan Clawson.  In honor of the SC ruling, perhaps he thought it funny to take me here.  Great food and great company.

Who says you don't have to put out in this business?

Awesome show in VEGAS last night.  Big Tanx to The Onyx Theatre, the standing ovation crowd, and the notes and such that have followed.  One more night with these fine folks and Southern Gothic Novel....always trying to up my game from the previous night.

But alas, missing the pooch.  T stayed behind for this trip.  Too much next it's back to La-La to regroup and continue with The Heft of the trip...those long days with no shows to keep my brain alive.  The dog helps.  Save the dog some agony and book something.

On to get an oil change and then make up a whole world again.

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