Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A New Header...and a MAP!

The dates, so far, are above.  Just wanted to put this out there so you know there will be a man with a dog and that dog will want water and attention other than mine.  

A - Las Vegas, June 26 & 27, The Onyx Theatre
B - Los Angeles, CA
C - Wichita Falls, TX (research) to Durant, OK (a visit to the Alma Mater)
D - Aberdeen, MS (the setting for Southern Gothic Novel ... of course)
E - Atlanta, GA, July 14-Aug 2
F - New York, NY (the setting for Stabilized Not Controlled...of course)

Taking the route partially taken by the Traveler character in Pamela Parker's upcoming new play imagine this....  

I have to hit A-F but the rest is up for grabs.  For now, I gotta go learn my freakin' lines again.  I mean, the brain knows them but forgot how to make the mouth SAY them.  It ain't called "work" for nuthin'.

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