Friday, July 3, 2015

Atlanta is officially BOOKED, The Highland Inn Ballroom

Thanks to some creatively wonderful movers and shakers of Atlanta, Georgia, Southern Gothic Novel: The Aberdeen, Mississippi Sex-Slave Incident will be playing the Highland Inn Ballroom and Lounge ("a unique venue at a boutique hotel") on July 17 & 18.  Some special events will be surrounding the shows.  Atlanta knows how to host, so at some point there'll be pie and/or fried chicken, but best of all and most Southern and gentile of all, there is a bar at the venue.  Hizzah!  For you drinkers.

On the traveling front itself, that means the pooch and I will be hitting the road in a few days will share our adventures as we go.  Aberdeen, Mississippi is a must-stop though an hour off the beaten track.

Another scoop we are hearing is possible Florida dates down near the tip in August.

Happy 4th and enjoy the hot dogs (be they tofu or intestinal tubes) and tell us all about it...we'll be packing!  Well, I'll be packing and T will be trying on costumes to take with him.  Ham!  

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